Tuesday, May 7, 2013

X-14 Productions - Creating a Niche: A New Beginning

Date: 05/07/2013

X-14 Productions is beginning it's journey by creating a defining niche.  The overall compass of sound that is composed by X-14 Productions consists of Orchestral, Heavy Metal, and Industrial Dub-step.

X-14 Productions composes for a full size Symphonic Orchestra group. Using a Symphonic Orchestra as the focus in composition enables more diversity and power than Chamber and String Orchestras can provide.

When composing for a Heavy Metal style genre, X-14 Productions focuses solely on; the Rhythm Guitar, Solo Guitar, 8-Peice Drum Set, and Bass Guitar. Heavy Metal vocals are not used in X-14 Productions' compositions.

Industrial Dub-step is a modification of the dub-step style genre. The electronic effects are created with heavily modified live recordings. The objective is to maintain a realistic atmosphere throughout all the genres.
X-14 Productions also composes for a full size Symphonic Choir, piano, organ, and miscellaneous percussion. X-14 Productions will also compose for other instruments by special request.